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The mission of ArtVenture Law is to educate, protect, and advocate for artists by giving you the tools to empower and defend yourselves. AVL trains artists in the legal fundamentals they need to be active participants in their legal, financial, and artistic futures. We teach the basics of contract law and intellectual property law as well as field and industry specific courses so you don’t enter into a negotiation uninformed. Please check our law seminars page for upcoming events or contact us to schedule one of your own.

About the Practice

Why did you choose to work with independent artists and businesses?

For the past 9 years I’ve been working at a large firm with very large clients practicing intellectual property law and general business litigation, the laws of art and business. These are complex issues with a lot at stake, but at a large firm there is no connection to any client, often you don’t even place a face to a name or organization. In the meantime, I know gallery owners who are kicked out of their space because landlords unilaterally decide it will be so, visual artists and musicians who do not know that they should protect their work or how, and freelancers who sign bad contracts and then get shafted. With the experience I have gained, I enjoy helping the community whose art enriches my life and whose businesses I frequent, and have the autonomy of my own practice. Finding any attorney at all, much less one who speaks your language, is a daunting process. As an artist and independent business owner myself, I can appreciate the blood, sweat, and tears that go into building your own business.

Can you describe your method?

In representing artists and independent businesses my focus is on personal, efficient, and trustworthy service. I familiarize myself with their ventures, stay in close contact, and ensure that I’m available when they need me. I prefer to meet my clients at their place of business so I can develop a better appreciation for what they’re trying to accomplish and I can become a member of their team.

What about your fees?

As business owners, my clients are on tight budgets and it is unfair and unreasonable to expect them to set aside funds for sometimes unpredictable costs. Depending on the project, I charge flat fees where I can. Because I know every business is different, I remain flexible and work with my clients to determine what fees they can afford and how much of my time their issues will demand.